Monday, 15 October 2012

To travel is to live...

London. Paris. Rome. Dublin. Zurich. New York. San Francisco.
You're probably wondering why we're listing a whole bunch of awesome cities. And YES you've guessed right, ENNVY is touring the world. Well Europe and USA to be exact.  So I was asked by my gorgeous friend to blog about the plans for our end of year trip! It is also my first time blogging and I'm hoping I've made a good expression so far. 
Did I mention I'm super excited about this trip, not only is it my first time to Europe, it's going to be WINTER, my favourite season EVER! Warm A-line coats, blazers, faux fur coats, scarfs, berets, killer boots, bright nail polish...ah the list goes on! is there such thing as a winter-gasm!?! On top of all the amazing winter fashion items I am coveting...I am also super excited that we are travelling in BUSINESS CLASS! Life does not get more luxurious than this.
We are so happy that we have this exciting announcement to share with you guys. So remember to check out the blog once in a while, to keep updated with our plans for the BIG trip and leave your shopping/sight-seeing recommendations in the comments section below!
Enn xx
PS. On another side note, check out Alexis Dawn's new collection. One word, LOVE!

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