Thursday, 18 October 2012


As you clutch your chest and try to calm your beating heart, you run silently down the stairs, filled with hope, expecting disappointment  you make your way to the box that holds the key to your Cinderella moment. As your feet hit the pavement you hurry your steps, eager to suppress your curiosity whilst eager to feel the bitter sting of rejection and have it over and done with. As your sweaty palms and fingers caress the cool metal flap of the post box you jump, there is a black envelope concealed inside. As your fingers wrap around the thick paper, you smile. Gently ripping open the seal, you jump up and down with excitement to find a beautifully, intricate patterned invitation, inviting you to the event of a lifetime.

One of our best friends is turning Twenty-One in exactly one month and Enn, being the amazingly organised, borderline perfectionist party organiser that she is, has been delegated by our bestie to plan the party. Today we went venue hunting and have decided on Laruche in The Valley. It is a cute, kitsch, vintage style bar tucked amongst the heaving clubs and seediness. We chose it because of its likeness to Melbourne bars which we all have soft spots for. Plus we have some really cool plans for the private area we have booked! To get you all a bit excited we decided to share with you the beautiful invitation designs Enn has come up with. There are five different designs and each person gets a different one with a mismatched patterned RSVP card (see the picture below). I personally love the invites and hope she loves them too. Now it's time to plan more...

Excuse the bad touchups, it's late!

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