Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy 1st day of September!

Today was the one of the most beautiful we have had in Brissie in ages!! I didn't get any pictures to show you but just imagine a crisp, warm day punctuated with a bright blue, clear sky. It was paradise and I hope that Spring brings more beautiful days like these. We spent the day studying, unfortunately midsemester exams are looming once more and doing a bit of shopping. We also updated our 'green with 'ennvy' section with our September 'ennvy items so don't forget to go check them out on our sidebar before you leave!

As tomorrow is Father's day, we had to fit in a bit of one of our favourite pastimes, shopping. And we may have also shopped for ourselves just a little bit! My favourite purchase for today was this cute, pastel aqua coloured Swatch watch which wraps twice around the wrist and is a perfect accessory for uni or going out as it doubles as a bracelet and watch and the colour is perfect spring. It was also a bargain at 25% off so it was close to only $50!

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