Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy Father's Day.

A father is a person who moulds his child with firm, strong hands and a warm heart. He sometimes hides his weakness for you because he is a man who must defend and protect his family without weakness. He is full of wise words and warnings which must be heeded. He always tells lame jokes, just to see you smile. He is a man who would give his life for you in a heart beat and whose heart beats for you. So on this day, we would love to say Thank you to the men who will always hold the biggest pieces of our hearts, our fathers.

To all the Dads in Australia, Happy Father's Day! We wish you all the most amazing day and hope that your children try their best to make this day extremely special for you. For our dads, we have a massive bounty of delicious chocolates ready and waiting for both of you! Love you both heaps xx 

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