Friday, 21 September 2012


In the past, Brisbane has lacked the unique and kitsch eccentricities that make a cosmopolitan city. The laid-back, younger cousin of the thriving metropolises of Australia, Brisbane does not shock nor upset. Lucky for us though, Brisbane is beginning to try to push the mark and make a better name for itself starting with cool spins on typical restaurants. Take Wagaya, for example. The reason that this is one of the only restaurants to be fully booked out on a Tuesday night, causing all folk without a reservation to be turned away or wait a good half hour, is because of its unique concept, ordering from a touch screen. This unique process sees customers flick through an electronic menu, pressing on the bright pictures of appetizing looking foods, attempting to decipher the sometimes cryptic description of the contents of the meals before confirming your purchases with the slightest feeling of trepidation. For all those accustomed to Japan or Japanese Food, you will love the warm Izakaya feel of the privately separated wooden booths and sunken private booths in the back, reminiscent of a cozy winter's night travelling the back streets of Osaka looking for the best Izakaya to wash your Japanese delights down with beer. 

The food in itself is decent, not authentically Japanese, and includes attempts at fusion recipes, such as Japanese Pizzas and also some Korean favourites, such as Kimchi Fried Rice. As the restaurant gets busier, the food can be a little hit and miss so beware. We can assure you though that the Takoyaki is delicious, the Sukiyaki hot pot is always a favourite, the sushi is warm, freshly made and delivered quickly to your table and the Green Tea Latte is a drink and dessert treat all wrapped into one. It's worth a try for those wanting to partake in the latest technology of ordering systems or for a fast fix of Japanese food. 

Where. 315 Brunswick St, Level 1 TCB Centre, Fortitude Valley
Cuisine. Japanese, Japanese/Western Fusion, Korean
Price. $$



Green Tea Latte 

Spider Roll - Soft Shell Crab Roll



Tempura Prawn and Avocado Roll

Spider Roll - Soft Shell Crab Roll

Blue Lemonade Cocktail

Midori Cocktail

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