Thursday, 20 September 2012

SOAP - The Show and La Soirée

Close your eyes. Listen to the thunderous claps and bellows of laughter rippling through the audience, like a tidal wave spilling onto the shores of the stage. Take a deep breath. Inhale the scent of your neighbour's expensive perfume and the sweet, humid moisture from the rain drops pounding the stage beneath the performers' feet. Grasp your friend's hand. As you sit in awe or pure horror, holding onto the edge of the very seat that restrains you from bouncing onto the stage to join the performers in their whimsical world. Now open your eyes once more and behold all the wonder and joy that fills the stage in front of you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

The theatre is always a once in a lifetime chance to make a new memory which will engorge and enrapture all five senses for the rest of your life. As part of the line-up for the Brisbane Festival 2012, numerous plays and acts have been presented. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend two of the shows the other night (apologies in advance for the photos- they were taken on a point-and-shoot as my poor DSLR is broken), Soap - The Show and La Soirée.

Soap - The Show 

Soap - The Show is a mixed bag of opera, gymnastics, interpretative dance and acrobatics melded together by a "bath tub" theme. Performed for the first time in Queensland at the QPAC Playhouse, Soap    is the perfect show for all ages. It incorporates all aspects of a good performance, some humour, a lovable main character, a romantic love triangle and best of all, you get to have a good belly laugh at the poor patrons in the front rows who tend to get wet! The acts are five class, the storyline is reminiscent of a Cirque du Soleil performance and the set is unique and refreshing. We recommend Soap - The Show. 

Where. QPAC Playhouse
When. Until 22 September.
Tickets. Sold Out. (But check their website regularly as sometimes they release a few last minute seats)

La Soirée

Stepping into the Courier Mail Spiegeltent is like stepping back into the grand times of the Moulin Rouge. The atmosphere is thick with excitement. Expressions of anticipation, wonder and awe cross the upturned faces of the audience, their expressions transformed into jeering faces of evil in response to the flickering red lights. The spherical barrier created by the inner ring, a place that is possessed by the performers, keeps the admiring fans at bay. The mirrored walls, that hang above dank, dimmed booths lining the inner walls of the tent, reflect the unsuspecting looks of horror on the faces below. This is the modern day circus meets Moulin Rouge at its best. This is La Soirée. 

La Soirée was our favourite performance of the night. Many fits of laughter pierced our sides, many gasps and mouth-covering moments were had and many,"how did they do that's" were heard. Performing to sell-out show, the La Soiree acts knew exactly how to extract every last laugh they could from their adoring audience. From a lovable and somewhat stupid contortionist, to a sexy dissapearing hanky act, to a gymnastics performance in a bath tub, reminiscent of the Soap - The Show performance, to a pole dancing Gent whose skills on the pole could beat any showgirl hands down, La Soiree has it all. We highly recommend it as a must do for this year's festival. If you can't make it to the Brisbane Festival performances, check out their website for performance dates around the world. 

Where. Courier Mail Spiegeltent, Southbank Cultural Forecourt Grounds
When. Until 29 September.
Tickets.Sold Out. (But check their website regularly as sometimes they release a few last minute seats)
Official Website.

Reminder - Riverfire is on Saturday 29th of September! 

Get there early for a great spot. 

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