Monday, 24 September 2012

Hakataya Ramen

A couple years ago in a dingy, dark back alley in Akihabara, enn and I stumbled across a brightly lit door step. Bright like a starry beacon of hope, we cautiously approached the vending machine that stood beside the entrance. The vending machine featured katakana, hiragana and many kanji, of which our limited Japanese reading skills failed to assist us in deciphering. We pressed away at the little buttons, noting that ramen and gohan (rice) were on the menu. After feeding our money into the slot and being rewarded with a tiny white slip splattered with Japanese characters we did not understand, we entered inside. Upon entering we were greeted by an elderly smiling man who took our slip and proceeded to prepare our meals in silence at his open kitchen. Pots the size of a bath tub were stirred with a metre long paddle, fresh, floured ramen noodles bounced in bubbling hot pots of water and sweaty, suited business men's heads bobbed up down in enjoyment at the bar style counter seats that enveloped the kitchen. This new and mystifying experience began our love of ramen.

Hakataya Ramen are extremely popular noodle houses with two locations in Brisbane and one at Surfers Paradise. The broth is cooked onsite and prepared with fresh pork bones and numerous secret ingredients to produce a thick, clear but extremely flavoursome broth. The menu includes the very popular Nagahama Ramen ($10), featuring their signature pork broth and other variations of this base including enn's favourite, the Miso Spicy-men ($12), a mix of miso, signature pork broth and spicy flavouring. The menu also features other add-ons such as gyoza and rice balls. A plus side for customers is the FREE Kaedama, or noodles. Basically, if you have broth left over, or just love ramen noodles, you can ask for extra and they will provide you as much noodles as you want for FREE! Personally, ramen is so filling that we can barely finish our first serves but many customers do partake in this offer. Hakataya Ramen is super delicious, fresh and fast and worth braving the long lines for so we recommend if you're in the area or have a craving, go get yourself all wrapped up!

Where. Shop 27b Sunnybank Plaza Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank
Cuisine. Japanese Ramen

Nagahama Ramen

Spicy Miso-men

Complimentary pickles

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