Saturday, 7 September 2013


Cronuts hit Brisbane at Flour & Chocolate, Morningside.

It was inevitable. Lines that last for three hours, sold out stores by midday, and New Yorker's praising these hybrid morsels of goodness as a "gift from God" can only mean one thing, cronuts. The cronut is a hybrid croissant slash donut. Possessing the shape and delicious fillings of a donut but coupled with the buttery and flaky layers of a croissant, the cronut has captured many hearts around America and therefore we knew it wouldn't be long until they graced our shores too. 

Flour & Chocolate Patisserie in Morningside is nestled in an unsuspecting location next to a medical office. One look in the window of this patisserie is enough to make one's mouth water, and not only for the cronuts, but for every other delicacy they serve up too. From delicious savoury morsels such as sausage rolls and quiches, to perfectly executed and visually pleasing bite size petit fours, to more susbtantial sweets such as their famous filled donuts and cakes, Flour & Chocolate has something to whet anyone's appetite. Their cronuts are so good and definitely live up to the hype, so whether you are looking to become part of another foodie craze, or just want to try some delicious new treats, we recommend you drive down to Flour & Chocolate for a pleasant surprise!

Where. 4g/621 Wynnum Rd, Morningside 
Cuisine. Patisserie, Baked goods

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