Friday, 22 November 2013


Beauty buzz glossy stain

We are in love. In love with a hip and chic love child, who is the product of a secret liaison between our beloved lip stain, who got down and dirty with his plumping partner in crime, lady lip gloss. Who is this love child you ask? This love child is the Yves Saint Laurent glossy stain. The new It girl on the scene got all the stubborn, staying power of its father, the lip stain, and all the glamour and pop of its mother, the lip gloss. Coupled with its brothers and sisters who come in various shades of brights, classics, and neutrals, we say this is the coolest family since the Pitt-Jolies! 

Where to buy it// David Jones
Tip// Do buy the brights, they aren't as intimidating when applied, as the shade colours on the bottles suggest!

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