Monday, 19 August 2013

Beauty Buzz 3

With a name like, "Size Queen", it's no wonder that Too Faced's larger than life mascara provides a truly royal beauty experience. From the minute that you grasp the over-sized pink barrel and slowly draw out the thick, bristled wand, coated in what I can only describe as "miracle formula", you will understand why this mascara deserves a royal title, and a crown, and a sash, for that matter.

But don't let the "size" title fool you. The beauty of this product is that, it not only adds volume to lashes, as its name would suggest, but it is a miracle lash lengthener, that my undersized lashes worship everyday. With repeated use, the magic formula of this mascara, strengthens the lashes, meaning less breakage and lash fall, which in turn means that your actual lashes will grow to astounding lengths on their own! As an added bonus, lashes also look darker and thicker over time as well. The diameter of the head of the mascara wand is a lot larger than standard mascaras, and therefore people with smaller eyes may find it difficult to apply at first. But trust in the madness behind our theories, persevere with the product and you will be happily pleased. 
Who ever said, "size doesn't matter", is a liar! 

Tip. To make your eyes pop, curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler such as Shu Uemura Eyelash curler. This opens up the eye and the mascara will help to hold the curl. 
Where to buy. Mecca Cosmetica


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