Sunday, 25 August 2013


We have an exclusive sneak peek of Pandora's New Collection Tomorrow!

Shopping is an activity dear to our hearts. So we are always looking for beautiful trinkets and keepsakes which will fuel our desire to shop but at the same time will actually mean something to us for many years to come. That is why Pandora provides the perfect excuse, with their elegant charm bracelets, to buy and keep buying something that actually tells a story. As you all know, Ennvy loves to travel! Therefore, it is only fitting to have a charm bracelet filled with beautiful charms that remind us of the places we have been and of our love for travel. Enn's favourite colour is blue and blue represents the colour of the skies we fly through to reach our destinations, therefore her chosen palette is based around the striking sapphire of the Pandora collection. We absolutely love Pandora and therefore we wanted to share our favourite piece with you. 

Plus, tomorrow we will be releasing a post featuring a sneak peek of their new collection! Tres exciting!!


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