Saturday, 3 August 2013


Chocolate Pavilion, Southbank, a new Brisbane Dessert haunt.

Brisbane lacks its share of dessert restaurants because many of our most popular restaurants prefer not to limit themselves to creating only desserts and therefore serve delicious desserts as well as their usual dinner menus. So every time we stumble across a new dessert only restaurant, our hearts flutter a little in excitement.

Chocolate Pavilion is a newly opened, chocolate specialising, dessert restaurant chain. With homes at Carindale shopping centre, and the brand new, Southbank location, Chocolate Pavilion is setting itself up for dessert domination. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder that we were eager to find out what all the fuss was about. Enn had her signature cappuccino which was creamy and decent in her opinion but nothing amazing. I tried a mocha frappe, which came out in a rather large, double glass-walled cup with the signature CP logo on the side. The frappe was creamy and delicious and welcome treat after dinner. I still couldn’t help comparing it to Max Brenner’s delicious frappes though and found that richness to be lacking in comparison. After sipping away happily, we eagerly anticipated our dessert choice, the Macaron Gelato Sandwich. Being a dessert restaurant specialising in chocolate, we were hoping for a delicious chocolate macaron filled with gelato. Unfortunately, what we received was a sickeningly sweet strawberry macaron with raspberry, medicine tasting coulis dribbled around. We could barely finish half between us and were extremely disappointed in this dessert. Overall, we recommend that if you are looking for true chocolate desserts, you should choose a different menu item or skip the pavilion altogether and head over to the Bald Man’s very own, Max Brenner!

Where. 13/14 Little Stanley St, South Brisbane
Cuisine. Chocolate, dessert

Chocolate Pavilion on Urbanspoon Chocolate Pavillion on Urbanspoon

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