Friday, 12 April 2013


Snowflake Dreaming. 
After we left London we still spent a lot of time reminiscing about its grandeur, making lists of things we had missed but had to see next time and dreaming of red telephone boxes and double decker buses. All this sadness was forgotten as soon as we touched down in Zurich, where we immediately fell in love with the white snowy towns that made Switzerland magical. Being Queensland girls our whole lives, the shock of seeing snow covered buildings, trees, bicycles, roads and everything in between, was like a refreshing wake-up to the system and we had so much fun exploring. Even though we were pelted with a million snow balls and cascades of snow off the nearby roofs by our mischievous travel buddies, we were still in awe of the beauty of snow. Our love for snow grew exponentially when we stayed in Engelberg, a busy and quaint ski village at the base of Mt Titlis. For this experience alone we were so thankful to have visited Switzerland and recommend that if you can only visit one place while in Switzerland, you have to visit the Swiss Alps. 

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