Wednesday, 3 April 2013


One of Brisbane's best! 
For all of you that haven't read about our obsession/addiction/fascination with high teas, this is our public confession. We love high tea and are still on our journey to find Brisbane's best! As a treat before our trip, enn and I tried the famous Sofitel High Tea. Served in the sky high executive club lounge at the Sofitel, the gastronomic Traditional High Tea, with pastries made under the guidance of famous pastry chef, Didier Richeux. For all those interested in our menu, click this link and scroll down to the High Tea section.

All we can say is, AMAZING. The honey madeleines were to die for, soft and airy on the inside with a delicate sweetness. The scones were perfect and ideally served with your choice of homemade red fruit jam, orange marmalade and chantilly cream. The sandwiches were the usual fare but the real winners of the high tea, were the petit fours. Pleasing to both the eye and the palate, every tiny dessert was rich, flavourful and a memorable experience in themselves. The definite favourite was the Chilled Souffle Mango Mousse topped with mango caviar beads. The souffle was delicate and had a distinct real mango flavour to it. The caviar beads on top were amazing. As each caviar bead popped between your teeth, a sweet and tart mango liquid gold flowed out. What more can we say but, go try it for yourselves, as you won't be dissapointed!

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