Monday, 7 January 2013

Chiangmai Thai

The Gold Coast is not renowned for its food. Many restaurants serve up food with watered down flavours to suit the tastes of tourists whose taste buds do not crave authentic flavours. That is why Chiangmai Thai is so different from the usual Gold Coast fare.

Chiangmai Thai is a beautiful restaurant that serves, what many Gold Coasters would say is the best, thai food on the coast. This particular sitting saw us try the Satay Chicken, Tom Yum Soup, Mee Krab and Tamarind Duck. The satay chicken and tom yum both had good flavours but the peanut sauce was cold which prevented it from receiving top marks! The Mee Krab was yummy but like all Mee Krabs, the intense sweet and sour flavours can only be devoured in small portions otherwise the dish becomes overwhelming. The Tamarind Duck was nice but too sour for my tastes and it needed a sweetness to balance the sour flavours. Overall the food was good despite the high prices which are to be expected everywhere on the coast, considering it is a tourist hot spot. We would definitely visit again for the decor and to try our other Thai favourites to see how they compare.

Seafood Tom Yum

Satay Chicken

Tamarind Duck

Mee Krab

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