Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cute Party Ideas

Bored of the usual party favours and need some ideas? Enter Enn. The other half of ennvy is an amazing party planner. One part super organised, one part hard working, one part perfectionist and one part over brimming with ideas equals one super duper party planner in the form of Enn. Her most recent planning event saw her transform a small private room in a chic quaint bar in the Valley into the cutest 21st. Despite missing some photos of the actual event, I wanted to share these cute party favours and the AMAZING cake, designed by Enn but made by Couture Cupcakes, with you. 

So basically, the back wall of the room was dedicated to the cake and the candy party favours around it complemented the cake perfectly (you'll see what I mean in a minute). So basically Enn bought lots of swirly lollipops in all sizes and printed personalised labels for the lollipops. as all birthdays should include a personal element. Using some candy striped paper, ribbon and pebbles, she turned some vintage glass bottles into lollipop holders/weights. She also used little glass jars with lids she found and filled them with lollies as well. Another personalised label was pasted to the the top of the jar. The cake was a sprinkle cake with mini cupcakes to fit the candy theme (the candy theme was chosen to relive the childhood and capture the light-hearted personality of our friend). Altogether, this simple theme was the perfect addition to the night and all the guests raved about it! If you want more info or specific details/instructions on how to make/plan anything feel free to email us for more info! Happy planning! 

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