Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Home-made Vietnamese Spring Rolls

These photos sat staring at me as my "Uncompleted blogs" folder burst open, when I ceremoniously poked through it this morning. "What to post, what to post?" was the thought that ran through my mind. And as if an angel from the side streets of Vietnam's heaving food and market district had glided across my path waving a crunchy, delicious spring roll to bring my desire to write back to life, I had an epiphany to share enn's mum's famed spring rolls with you. No event has passed, since meeting enn and her amazing family, when Mama Ho's spring rolls have not made an appearance. And in the rare case that you have arrived too late to steal yourself one of these beauties, your lips will involuntarily move themselves to ask the nearest person, "Hey, where'd the spring rolls go?" and in a moment of weakness, you may even try to snatch a spring roll from the nearest unsuspecting party guest waiting with the spring roll poised at their lips just long enough for you to get within reach of its deliciousness. Words really can't do them justice, so instead, check out the photos below and try not to flood your keyboard with the juices that are most definitely dripping from your mouth right now!

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