Saturday, 3 November 2012

Berry Me

Summer is upon us and one of our favourite summer treats is ice-cream. That being said, the creamy richness of ice-cream can become overbearing at times so gelato is always a welcome second favourite. Interestingly, this year has seen another icy treat surpass the likes of ice-cream and gelato to reach the top of our summer favourites list. Enter Berry Me Frozen Yoghurt.

The concept of Berry Me is pretty simple. Take your cup, using the yoghurt dispensers dispense your chosen frozen yoghurt, in flavours such as Original, Green Tea and Chocolate, add your favourite toppings, such as fresh fruit or lollies, weigh your treat and pay! On average, it costs us about $7 for a cup with enough for two of us to share including strawberries on top. All we can say is YUM! This is our new guilt-free favourite treat. All the flavours are delicious, especially green tea, mango, strawberry and pomegranate. The icy yoghurt is refreshing and light, compared to ice-cream, and the fresh fruit on top is a plus! We recommend you head down today to go get yourself some delicious Berry Me Frozen Yoghurt and see if it tops your summer list as well!

Where. Kelvin Grove Village, Kelvin Grove
Cuisine. Dessert, Frozen Yoghurt

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