Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cafe Auchenflower

As we both live and work in the Toowong/Auchenflower area, enn and I were excited to stumble upon this cute cafe in the middle of our beloved home area. This old Queenslander used to be home to an antiques shop which always looked quiet and dark from the exterior. During our daily commutes we must have passed this cafe a million times but never took note of it. 

The other day we decided to venture in and try it out for ourselves. Enn tried the Guyere Melted Cheese Sandwich and I had Deb's Fig, Prosciutto and Basil Toasted Sandwich. Simple, home-cooked food is how we would describe our meals. The cheese sandwich, which was more like cheese toast, was yummy and just like mum would have made it. I personally, really enjoyed my sandwich as the fig paste added an interesting element to what would have been a typical cafe sandwich. The flavours were very delicate and light so don't order this option if you want a kick of flavours. We also tried the banana and famous avocado smoothies. I enjoyed my banana smoothie but the real highlight of the entire meal was the avocado smoothie. Enn makes a pretty delicious one herself so when she complimented theirs as one of the best she's had, I knew it had to be good! 

With simple, tasty food and friendly, welcoming staff, we recommend Cafe Auchenflower as your next brunch spot. And lucky for us, we now have a local, quaint suburban cafe to call our own.

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