Friday, 14 September 2012

Organic Food Saturdays - Hawthorne Garage

Sometimes, life surprises you. As enn and I grow older, we tend to stumble upon unique places we never would have as teenagers. Coupled with enn's awesome skills at discovering new places to try, we have been to some really cool places lately.

Continuing on from our Farmers market trip on Saturday, enn and I went in search of the famed Hawthorne Garage to stock up on some organic groceries and treats. Hawthorne Garage is an organic shopper's candy store, stocked full of deliciously fresh homemade treats such as cupcakes, freshly made wraps and organic BBQ chickens, organic groceries such as pasta and cold pressed oils and fresh produce delivered daily to the store. Everything stocked in the Garage is sourced from the best, from fresh cut flowers provided by Campbell&Bradley Flowers to the locally sourced 100% arabica coffee beans used at the new Espresso bar, DNA. The Hawthorne Garage is high on our list and definitely worth a visit. But for now we think the best thing to do is let the tantalising pictures do the talking for us.

Where. 285 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne, QLD 
Opening Hours. 6am - 8pm daily

Raspberry and Coconut Friand
Complimentary mini GingerBread Man with DNA Espresso Bar purchase

The best muesli, greek yoghurt and passionfruit ever
Fresh Chicken and Avocado Wrap 



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