Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Organic Food Saturday - Powerhouse Farmers Market

Every weekend we mean to go to the Jan Powers Farmers Market at the Powerhouse but unfortunately, I tend to sleep in and miss the wonderful morning events in life, such as Farmers markets. Luckily, last Saturday we braved a late morning start, even though I was determined I would not get a car park, to head to the Powerhouse. The parking Gods were definitely on my side this morning and I got one immediately! We loved the market so we thought we would give you a bit of a market run down. Enjoy! 

Two years ago, in a tiny but homely apartment in Osaka, we discovered our love for Takoyaki, Japanese Octopus Balls, which were then cooked by a lovely house mum who had been making them since she could walk. Takoyaki are one of our favourite Japanese delicacies alongside their larger and more substantial counterpart, Okonomiyaki, a savoury Japanese pancake. So when we saw this little stand with fresh Takoyaki containing a choice of, bacon, prawn, octopus or mince, we had to try them. We prefer the more traditional takoyaki fillings and so it was 8 octopus filled balls for us to share ($7). Takoyaki is best enjoyed with a crunchy skin encasing a hot gooey filling containing large chunks of octopus. The Hanzo version was a bit too soft on the outside and the interior was too doughy for our liking. We had chosen the recommended Special Hanzo sauce to top it, which was slightly spicy and gave it a nice kick. Though, I still craved and prefer the usual Japanese BBQ sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise as a topper. The ingredients were all fresh though and so these takoyaki are worth a try for Takoyaki first timers. 

After the salty goodness of the Takoyaki, we were extremely thirsty and were happy to spot this cute stall, Cidery, selling Apple, Ginger and Raspberry cider for $2 a cup or $4.50 a bottle. We grabbed a bottle of raspberry cider which was chilled, refreshing and delicious. Made organically from all natural ingredients, this delicious treat is good for you as well! 

For a bit of a caffeine kick, I grabbed an Iced Latte from this Coffee Van. Super nice staff even allow you to check the sweetness of your beverage first and will tweak it for you with extra syrups if you need! 

Now to my favourite part of our culinary experience, Bratwurst at Steve's Grilled Bratwurst. I think we had a spicy Kransky with onions. The bratwurst was simply the best and a close contender to the amazing breakfast bratwursts we have eaten at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market. The actual kransky beats the  Melbourne ones hands down simply for the skin that breaks with a delightful crack as you bite into it and the perfectly tender and moist meat that is concealed inside the skin. Plus the sheer size of the kransky, which was too long for the bun by another 4 inches, makes it one of the best brats in bris! 

Besides the great food, there are really nice organic fruits and vegetables stalls, florists (I missed out on my beloved 5 gerberas for $5 as I got there too late) and some cute quirky antique stalls to check out. We definitely recommend a Saturday morning visit, followed by a nap in New Farm Park after filling your bellies. 

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