Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mecca Maxima

Truth is, every girl is obsessed with cosmetics and beauty treatments. Whether they work or not, we, at ennvy in particular, must have the latest and greatest technologies. In general there are always new things on the market to try. Many claim they are breakthroughs and will change your life. 99.9% do not live up to the hype. But every now and then you do come across an earth shattering addictive product which changes your life forever.

So, at ennvy, we have decided to blog about our many beauty purchases and will provide our objective opinions to ensure that you know what works and what doesn't. Many of our products will be trialled on my skin, as enn has very sensitive skin and has to be careful with what she uses, so for your information my skin is light, a peach tone of pinks and yellows and is combination, oily most of the time though, especially during the humid Brisbane summer.  We should have a small disclaimer that what works for us, may not for you, so please don't get upset if our life-changing experiences are not shared by you. Just keep trying things and one day you will also find products that work for you. That being said, regularly check our blog for beauty updates in case there is something new you are eager to try but would love some advice on it first.

On this particular beauty blow out, we purchased:

  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($26.95) 
    • This cult classic is adored by celebrities worldwide. Made from a mix of calamine and salicylic acid, it is said to dry out and remove whiteheads over night. I found that on my skin, which tends to break out due to hormones or sometimes randomly, the drying lotion was ineffective unless used on blemishes with broken heads. The ones with broken heads were cleared and flattened by the morning when the lotion was used and so I think it is a bit hit and miss in terms of effectiveness. I did like how it reduced the pain associated with blemishes and took away some of the redness. 
  • Mecca Cosmetica Limited Edition Painted Beauty Glide-on Nail Colour Spring 2012 in Bridgette ($22)
    • These pastel coloured nail colours are perfect for Spring and brighten up any dull day. 'enn has her heart set on all five pretty pastel colours and is currently wearing the peachy Bridgette colour. It suits her tanned skin really well and they definitely add a pop of brightness and happiness to her daily life. Combined with a good base coat, we use Essie, and a fast-drying top coat, we use Revlon Rapidry Top Coat, the nail colour is easy to apply and has an extended wear time. 
  • Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers ($16 for 30 sheets)
    • We love Japan. So why wouldn't we love their 300 year old secret for a perfectly oil-free complexion.  These luxurious blotting papers made from abaca leaf and set with real gold flakes in each sheet. We love how these ingenious papers can remove oil without ruining one's makeup or stripping the skin of moisture. They are the perfect size to blot the whole face and leave the skin feeling fresh and clean after. We definitely have added this one to our must-haves list.  
  •  Kit Blender Sphere ($14.95)
    • This foundation applicator is latex-free and hypoallergenic, so is suitable for applying smooth and flawless foundation to all skin types. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet but will update when I do. 

Free gift with purchases over $60

As an added bonus for the grand opening of the Mecca Maxima store at Westfield Carindale, all customers whose purchases are over $60 will receive a free sample box filled with deluxe sized samples. Our free samples were:
  • Nars Copacabana Illuminator 
  • Peter Thomas Roth Anti-aging Cleansing Gel
  • Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish
  • Kit Pomegranate & Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream
  • Hourglass Mascara
  • Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment for hair
If we get time to try them all we will update the post!! Remember to check out Mecca Maxima and always have fun shopping!

Where. Mecca Maxima - Carindale QLD, Wintergarden QLD and Melbourne Central VIC
Budget. $$ - $$$$ 

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