Friday, 24 August 2012

Jabbawockeez MUS.I.C.

The Jabbawockeez are a hip-hop dance group made famous on America's Best Dance Crew in 2008. Since then they have stormed the world with their unique choreography and anonymity as kept secret by their trademark white face masks and white gloves used to meld the whole team into one. MUS.I.C. is their latest performance straight from Las Vegas. It explores the "beat" of life and inspires everyone to listen close to the rhythm of our world. Incorporating popular songs of the 90s and now, mini tributes to the late Michael Jackson and infectious beats that make you want to "drop it", Jabbawockeez MUS.I.C will inspire you to move your feet so you too can be one with the beat. 

When. Extended season until 01 November 2012
Where. Jupiters Gold Coast 

Sneaky stage photo taken on mobile phone 

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